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Technology has made it possible for people to work in their comfort zones for someone far away without having to see the person physically. This has made work from home jobs to be on the rise. Since it is possible to do this, people now prefer not to work for an organisation as a full-time worker, they just want to be an agent working on a contract basis for different organisations or individuals. Companies are now becoming more comfortable with hiring freelancers than full-time employees because they don’t need to provide healthcare or financial benefits full-time employees get. So the big question is how do I become a freelancer?

Firstly, to become a freelancer you must define your goals. You must know why you want to go into freelance business initially before going. Any endeavour without a goal in mind is destined to crash along the way. Part of what I mean by having a goal is to know if you want to start freelance as a full-time or part-time hustle. It is always a great idea to start as a part-time hustle. You can continue with your white-collar job while you work as a freelancer. Then through this, you build a large client base and lasting relationship with your clients. So after you can switch to become a full-time freelancer. Then, you set your income goals after calculating your expenses. What is the amount you expect in your wallet at the end of the month? With income goals set, you can channel your efforts towards achieving them.

You should also decide on the freelancing skill to start with. Your business is built around the skills you have to offer. You must identify the different skills you have gathered throughout the years. You could start with what you have learnt on the different jobs you have done in the past whether full-time or part-time. Your skills require creativity or special software that someone who does not have will pay you to handle. Your skills could also be your hobbies or things you find easy to do like writing, drawing among others. It is important to identify a skill you are good at so that you deliver the best to your clients. Then you narrow down your skill list. You might be so versatile that you have numerous skills but the reality is you can’t do everything. So you should narrow it down to what you find easy doing or that which has the potential of paying you the most.

Once you have determined your skills, then you can then go ahead to define your target clients. The truth is everyone won’t need your skill and some will be willing to pay any amount to get your service. Whatever freelancing business you are into, you must think about your ideal client. Those who need you most. You can narrow it down to age, religion, occupations, companies, businesses. Have a good idea of your client avatar, don’t go about selling yourself to random individuals who will waste your time.

The next step is to package your skills. Doing this will attract more income than someone who just leaves his skill at face value. For example, if you are good at writing, don’t just leave your profile as a writer, you can package the title you give yourself as a ‘copywriter. With this, you look more presentable. You could decide to change your skill from coding to a mobile app service. Both names refer to a specific skill-set both present you better than the other. So, packaging your skills to service is very important to attract more income.

Then importantly, legally incorporate your services. This step is recommended to be done sooner. You should start by performing a basic name search to choose a legal name for your business. You wouldn’t want to use another business name so also, you won’t want another business to use your name. You should also incorporate your business. Most freelancers are the best fit for Limited Liability Corporation. These steps among others are part of so many aspects of making your business legal.

Lastly, create a portfolio for your business. Have a platform that showcases your works. Many clients choose you not because of recommendations but because of what they have seen in the works you have done. Through this, they have trust in you that you can perform your task well.

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